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Winter Qigong The element of water

Join us every Saturday for this 10 week VIRTUAL program.

Beginning Saturday January 20 – March 23, time 10:00 – 10:30 am.

Join us as we journey through the winter season using gentle flowing movements to awaken the meridians associated with the organs that are energetically at high tide. These organs are the kidneys and urinary bladder. Kidneys relate to the health of our bones, and the production of bone marrow.

Fear and insecurity are the emotions associated with water. Water element represents the power of the water energy to transform fear and doubt to wisdom and courage, and to promote acceptance of the unknown as part of life. We need wisdom to navigate through our lives. Water teaches us to go with the flow, it also represents knowing limits, and conserving energy.

Once payment is received, I will email you the zoom link for the 10 weeks. 

If you miss a class let me know and I will send you a recording.

You can receive up to four recordings.

The 10 week program will cost $55.00

Please pay via :

• Venmo (Vickie Fitzgerald, Centered Way Yoga) 
• Zelle 
• Check made out to Centered Way Yoga, Mailed to: 163 Mill Street, Wallkill, NY 12589

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